Ben Hemsath


Ben Hemsath broke his first computer at the age 10 by deleting the RAM programming on a DOS system in Southern California. During his Jr High years, he became known as the computer kid by helping the school fix the local iMac G3s

During his high school years, he assisted the school district he attended with discovering the loops whole found in the district network and system configurations while taking CCNA classes offered by Cisco to low-income school districts and became an NJROTC Leadership Academy Graduate.

After high school, he got a job offer to work for IBM and worked on such projects such as the Morgan Stanley Token Ring to Ethernet conversion and assisted with his first data center migration and operational transition.

After, he moved to Dallas, Texas with his family and gained experience working at school districts, Perot and Dell Services, FireHost/Armor and as a contractor to major companies. During his stints at these companies, he earned awards such as the Dell Gold Champion Award, Outstanding Achievement, and 5/5 Customer rating scores.

During his 15-year tenure in IT Consulting and Services, he was able to gain an extensive amount of knowledge and invaluable experience working multiple roles due to his work ethic and ability speak business/engineer. Some roles included Sr Systems Engineer/Lead, Solutions/Infrastructure Architect, Business Analyst/Project Coordinator/Manager and Program Management, Transition Management, Asset/CMDB Management, IT Business Liaison and chapter head of leadership development for GenNext.

Some of his notable projects include migrating over 30,000 servers and networks, leading Fortune 500 high impact Data Center Migration/Operational Transitions business/technical teams for projects that range from $125 Million to $250 Million.

He oversaw major TV franchises and eCommerce network/security audit and assisted with building out new multiple million-dollar data centers for Dell Services.